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2018 End of Year Stats

2018 wasn't a great reading year for me by any means. I picked up a lot of spectacular non-fiction, but I hadn't learnt about my preference to never read the same genres back to back - a lesson learnt for the future!

In total I read 18 books, spanning a total of 5,842 pages. My average rating this year was 3.92. The longest book I read was Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari and the shortest book was We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

The highest rated book from Goodreads was We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

The most popular book was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and the least popular was Talking with Psychopaths and Savages by Christopher Berry-Dee.

Here is a break down of some of my reading stats from 2018!

Adult vs YA

Adult: 18

Young Adult: 0

I haven't been on the book radar too much over this year so the lack of YA shows. The big uptake of non-fiction also explains it. I will definitely try and read more next year, however I don't think it will ever be an even split for me.


Non-Fiction: 10

Thriller: 2 Contemporary: 1

Sci-Fi: 1

Classics: 1

Historical Fiction: 1

History: 1

Horror: 1

This definitely explains why I didn't get enough books read this year. I love non-fiction, and I read some fantastic non-fiction this year - but it's essential for me to break up genres to keep myself out of a slump.

Release Year

1938: 1

1961: 1

1985: 1

1991: 1

1997: 1

2004: 1

2007: 1

2011: 1

2012: 1

2014: 1

2015: 1

2017: 6

2018: 1

Love to see this! Such a great range of release years. I like to read a mix of backlist and more recent titles, although I think next year, I will make more of an effort to see what is coming out and go for some more recent titles.

Female vs Male Authors

Female: 6

Male: 12

WHERE ARE THE WOMEN. I am never one to pick a book based on the authors background, gender, or ethnicity. If it sounds of interest to me, that's what makes me read it. If this results in less diversity within my reading, then so be it (having said that, my reading is generally very diverse as this is what interests me). I would definitely like to read from more female authors as I find my favourite books are written by women.

Author Origin

UK: 5

USA: 7

Canada: 1

Australia: 1

Trinidad: 1

Nigeria: 1

Israel: 1

India: 1

I am a proud Londoner so a bit hurt that I've read more books from the US than the UK. But I am happy to see that despite not reading very many books this year, I still read from a range of diverse authors.

Read Before vs New Authors

Read before: 0

New authors: 18

This is not surprising. Considering I don't tend to follow authors I've read before to see their new releases or go through their backlist, it makes sense that all my reads this year were new authors. I would like to make an effort to change this for the authors I love.

Books per Month

January: 0

February: 0

March: 3

April: 0

May: 1

June: 4

July: 1

August: 1

September: 5

October: 0

November: 0

December: 3

September seems to be consistently my best reading month. I think it's due to always being busy over summer and then the whether changes so I spend more time at home.

Books per Season

Winter: 3

Spring: 4 Summer: 6

Autumn: 5

All these numbers are pretty poor. Look away....

Cover Colours

White: 7

Purple: 1

Blue: 7

Green: 1

Orange: 2

Too much non-fiction and you end up reading a lot of books without colour on the cover. Not too much range in the colour of my books this year.


0.5 stars: 1

2.5 stars: 1

3 stars: 1

3.5 stars: 3

4 stars: 4

4.5 stars: 4

5 stars: 3

The majority of the books I read this year were 4 stars and over which is fantastic! But wow, that 0.5 star book will forever be stained in my memory as the worst book I have ever read and it's quite upsetting to know I will never get those hours back...

And there you have it! My full year of reading stats for 2018. Let's hope I get some more reading done in 2019.


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