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Review: 1922 by Stephen King

I know I want to read as many Stephen King books as I can bear. In the month of October, at least one book by the prolific horror author is an absolute must. I picked the shortest one because I wanted to get through as much horror as possible; only problem is, I'm now hooked and want to read more!

Arlette has inherited land from her father. What follows is a plot made by her husband to kill her with the help of their son. I am so happy I decided to read 1922 this month. As much as the book is a short one, it really packs a punch. The story still felt in depth and I didn't finish the book feeling unsatisfied with any areas of the book, from the character development to the detailed plot. This book is a perfect choice if you're looking for something to make your skin crawl!

When it comes down to the horror, a warning to those that are afraid of rats - or those that like myself, like rats and don't want to develop a fear of them. Sadly those little furry fiends are no longer cute to me; they disgust me instead.

Main character, Wilfred, was convincingly written. He read as damaged and raw. At every point in the book, he had a very clear motive for his actions. There were classic horror elements where you had mixed feelings about every character: did I like Arlette? No...but did I feel sorry for her? Sort of. Did I like Wilfred and his son? I'm not sure - there were some real moments of madness from both of them, but it all added to the visceral landscape King had painted. His backdrop was rough and unforgiving, which allowed the reader to sympathise with some of the characters' outlandish decisions.

Despite this being a short book, it didn't feel like it. At no point, did it feel rushed and there was a well-paced plot. I am always impressed by books that achieve this perfect level of balance to not include slow-paced and pointless information, but also create an immersive world for the reader. Overall, this horror has everything you need. Desolate, isolated, and creepy. There's enough horror to keep the gore fans satisfied (I was making some questionable faces on public transport underneath my face mask)! If you enjoy Stephen King (or any horror for that matter), definitely give 1922 a try - it has it's extreme moments, but nothing that horror fans can't handle!

Initial Prediction: 4 stars

Final Rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: 27 March 2014 (my edition: 29 January 2015)

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Genres: Horror, Thriller

# of Pages: 387


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